Tips for Identifying the Perfect Compound Bow

08 May

Good quality compound bows are those utilizing the system of levering cables to bend the limbs.  The limbs are the lower and upper part of the compound bow that provides it with the flex and power to release the arrow. The limbs on an efficient modern compound bow are stiffer compared to the re-curve bow or the traditional longbow.  This is possible since wood is not used to make the modern compound bows. The point of view on the energy efficiency, wood does not make the efficient compound bow material of manufacture.

The modern, efficient compound bows have a pulley and lever system that contribute to its extra stiffness. It can be impossible to flex the bow if these are not present. Mechanical advantage is gained as the string is drawn back, until the point in which the peak weight is achieved, and energy is released to eject the arrow. Keep this in mind when look for the best hunting bow.

Another added advantage of the modern compound bows s that they are usable in any weather.  Since most woods absorb water, it can be hard to use bows made from wood in damp or rainy weather.  Also, those traditional bows made from wood cannot be efficiently used in the dry season as the natural oil in the wood dries up and they crack.
Some can argue that which are best materials to be used to make a good compound bow. Others can also argue that which are the specific types of compound bows present in the market.  As long as a material can be used in the construction of an aircraft, ranging from aluminum, magnesium or their alloys, they are good for the manufacture of a good compound bow, and that is the solution to all these arguments. You'll definitely want to be familiar with the parts of a compound bow.

The limbs of a compound bow contain the strength. There is no energy stored in the pulleys or the cables.  The wheels and cams are used to move the string for a smooth function, so their construction is also important. As much as the term string is still being used, the best and the latest compound bows do not use strings but instead use a highly efficient-modulus polyethylene cable.  The cables are made to hold much of the tensile strength so they cannot stretch since stretching reduces the efficiency of the cables.  The best modern compound bows use cables made from polyethylene, but some old-fashioned bow use cables made from high tensile steel.

Direct control of the speed of the arrow is done by the cams, and there are a few different kinds of compound bows having either soft or hard cams.  The softer cams are used in the compound bows specifically with those who are new to the field of archery. Learn about compound and recurve bows: 

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